The Samphire Club is networking at its purest.

Members get to know one another, freely share knowledge and contacts, and build relationships that, over time, develop into business opportunities. With Club membership a byword for quality, it has, over the years, proved an invaluable resource for members. Business arising from connections made through the Club, generates significant growth and opportunity across the South West.

Every Club event, from a select working breakfast to an open "members and their guests" dinner party, as well as being highly enjoyable, recognises the value of real-life, face-to-face interaction and mutual support. We believe it's the key to true connectivity and long-lasting, commercially viable partnerships and collaborations.

With great hospitality and the finest in food and drink an integral part of the offering, members have the opportunity of enjoying events at some of the region's most outstanding venues as well as having access to special offers from our Partners.

Members also benefit from access to, and introductions from, founder John Harvey’s extensive bank of contacts as well as his experience of business development built up over a 30-year career in the field. And because we think it's important to give something back to the communities we're a part of, we support a number of charities with many of our events raising funds for our chosen causes.

Starting from £100/night