John Harvey

A Few Words About Samphire Club Founder, John Harvey

John HarveyBusiness Development Expert. Super-Connector. Logistics Guru. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant. Broadcaster. Avid Reader. Foodie.

A life of many callings brought John to that happy moment when The Samphire Club was born. Although the majority of his career was spent in logistics and so concerned with supply chains for goods and services, John’s interest in people always came first.

“I instinctively recognised very early on, no matter what business you're in, it's always about the people. Being helpful, professional, likeable and very much myself was what worked for me, and grew the businesses I worked for.”

Motivated to empower others to similarly enjoy their careers and build their businesses, John has, for many years, been much in demand as a speaker, consultant and guest contributor. The Samphire Club sees him combine his business development experience and strategic networking skills with his flair for curating memorable and valuable gatherings.

“In the South West we’re truly blessed with some of the finest produce and restaurants in the UK which is great, because I’ve found time and again that the most effective way of getting to know people is by breaking bread with them. The Samphire Club not only promotes our region and the companies that call it home but it’s a business model that’s as serious about us having fun and enjoying our time together, as it is about doing good and building commercial success.”