Event Meditation for Extraordinary Performance, Exeter
Date 6th August 2019 - 6:00 pm
Event Type Members and guests (limited to 12 spaces only)
Location Hotel du Vin, Magdalen St, Exeter EX2 4HY
Cost £30 per person

Introducing The Samphire Sessions - Meditation for Extraordinary Performance
6pm - 9pm

“The point of meditation isn’t to get good at meditation; it’s to get great at life”

If you could do with being less stressed, enjoying deeper sleep and improved clarity, creativity and communication then this Samphire Session is definitely for you.

Whether you’re new to the practice of meditation, you’ve tried it before and given up, or you’re an old hand, Tracey Duke will be introducing a meditation method that combines ancient practice with cutting edge sound wave technology and is developed to perfectly complement your busy life.

Meditation for Extraordinary Performance

This introduction to meditation evening, designed exclusively for Samphire members & guests will:

1. Introduce you to the practice of meditation
2. Explain the number one reason why so many try meditation and then give up after their first session
3. Outline the benefits of this extraordinary tool
4. Cover the difference between mindfulness and meditation
5. Explain what to expect during your practice
6. Guide you through a powerful, 20 min meditation session
7. Set you up with a daily practice to start transforming your life.

“Many practitioners will describe the effects of a daily meditation practice as being a little like magic; it’s really not. It’s just you, but without the stress”

There’ll be an opportunity to enjoy a drink and socialise after the session and with spaces limited to just 12 to allow for optimal engagement, early booking is recommended!

About Tracey
A writer, editor and broadcast presenter, Tracey has spent the last four years focused on exploring human potential from every angle. She’s interviewed athletes, entrepreneurs, adventurers and business leaders from across the world and has found that for many, a daily meditation practice plays a huge role in helping them reach their optimal being.
Passionate about how a twice-daily meditation practice has enhanced her own life over the past five years she has now introduced a teaching practice into Exeter Real’s offering of workshops and events.
Acknowledged by neuroscientists and doctors as a way of improving every single aspect of your life, a daily meditation practice will accelerate and enhance your life in the most extraordinary and profound way, releasing endorphins, changing the body’s chemistry and awakening extra-sensory perception at the deepest of levels.

For further details and if you have any questions, please contact Tracey Duke at Exeter Real on:
T| 07815 122995
S| @mstraceyduke

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