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Mining Searches UK

MSUK LogoMining Searches UK is a ground stability consultancy providing mining search risk assessments for property purchase and development sites nationwide. Our clients include solicitors, local and regional government, developers, architects, structural engineers and surveyors as well as individuals.

For nearly 40 years our specialist team have been assessing mining risk, interpreting ground conditions and making safe mine workings.

Listening to our clients and meeting their requests, providing them with solutions, Mining Searches UK is the de facto trusted partner for all types of mining search needs.

Paul Raglan, Managing Director said:

"I have known John for some years now and he has shown a verve for people an interest in them and their businesses. As a result his ability to network, to join people together and enjoy the results is proven! This is why I think The Samphire Club will be a success!"

Paul Raglan
Managing Director
t: 01209 218 861


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