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Philosophi is a target driven digital marketing agency that generates great results and always aims to exceed expectations. The team is made up of highly skilled digital marketers, developers and designers who have all worked for over 10 years in agency environments.

With a proven track record and an impressive return on investment, Philosphi’s online advertising services provide both paid and unpaid advertising solutions for their clients. They work closely within the industry and their community to give something back by sharing their knowledge and expertise – supporting new innovations and ideas and offering placements to students keen to gain experience and workplace skills.

The Creative team at Philosophi have been responsible for the Samphire Club branding, web design and content marketing to date and have worked with another Samphire Partner; IT West to deliver the website.

Saira O’Dwyer, Founder and Director says:

“Our Philosophi is to ensure our client experiences are as positive and rewarding as possible. We love taking on new challenges and we think the Samphire Club has something exciting to offer – a fresh approach to help create long lasting business relationships. We got involved and decided to sponsor the project simply because it’s a great idea. With John at the helm, it’s guaranteed to be fun as well as a fantastic addition to the range of existing business support services in the South West”

Contact Info:
Saira O’Dwyer, Director
T: 01326 567182

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