Samphire Club Survey Results – An Overview

At the end of 2018 we sent out a Samphire Club Members’ Survey where we invited feedback on our events, Club communications and price points. The survey was also designed to help us find out exactly what members were hoping to achieve from their membership.

It was very gratifying to see so many Club members really ‘getting’ networking and identifying making those new connections and relationship building as the most important goals in their networking activity – a firm foundation from which business opportunities can flow. Although the majority of respondents were happy with how easy it was to get in touch with John and access his advice, support and connections, there were those for whom it hadn’t worked as well. This is something that will be addressed and improved for those particular members over the coming weeks.

Most members assessed our price points to be good value or fair which is gratifying as all our events are held at venues that are of an extremely high standard. It was great to see that so many members will be recommending membership to friends and colleagues (over 90%) and that some 70% of members have committed to renewing their membership.

As survey responses started coming in over Christmas some of the points raised have already been addressed in the planning for 2019:

Each area now has at least one Samphire event per month scheduled in. Reflecting member preferences, the majority of events will be held at lunchtime with the number of breakfast events coming in a close second.

Much of John’s 2018 was devoted to developing connections and strengthening relationships outside of Cornwall. This was with the aim, key to the Club’s founding principles, of being better able to serve Cornwall-based businesses that want to do more business out of county. With firmer membership bases now established in Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol, and inroads being made into Bath and Taunton, Cornwall, Samphire’s home base, will play host to an increased number of events this year.

Many thanks to everyone who took part – here’s to some great networking in 2019!