Sunbeam Jackie goes to Hollywood

Sunbeam_Jackie_ParasolArtists Charlie and Katy Napier have come a long way since their beautiful bespoke parasols were first displayed in the artist warm-up area in Glastonbury in 2011.

Their company Sunbeam Jackie, which is based near Penzance, has wares stocked at Liberty, and apparently their beautifully crafted parasols, chairs and cushions are attracting a well-heeled celebrity clientele. Among customers through Liberty in London is Hollywood actress Liv Tyler, and recently Charlie has been consulting with designers at George Clooney’s beautiful new £10 million mansion on the Thames in Berkshire.

“It was of course unfurnished when we visited,” says Charlie. “But it was wonderful to go inside and speak with his designers and just imagine how it will look with our chairs and cushions in situ.”

The Napiers have also been busy creating a bespoke order for a leading Hollywood name who has sent photographs of her vibrantly decorated mansion to help them create bespoke parasols using vintage fabrics to complement her personal style. “We don’t want to name drop without client permission,” says Charlie.

“In fact to be honest, I didn’t even really know this person was particularly famous until I mentioned her name to friends and they couldn’t believe I had never heard of her. Over the consultation, seeing her beautiful home, painted in deep purples and vibrant colours, with incredible art, furniture and fabrics, we did get the impression she was a person of note, but I had not realised quite how iconic she was.” Chuckling, he adds: “Then again, I do live in a field in the middle of Cornwall.”