Inspiration, entertainment and plenty of learning at TEDxTruro

The second TEDxTruro took place last Friday, 27th October at Truro College. The Samphire Club was proud, once again, to have been one of the sponsors of the event, working alongside fellow club members and other Cornwall-based businesses, as well as our club corporate partner, TEDx licensee, Stephens Scown.

This year’s TEDx was themed around the concept of moving ‘Beyond Barriers’ and revealed, through each fantastic speaker, how a more thoughtful understanding of those things that both unite and divide us, will lead us into a more optimistic and inclusive future.

I’m always on the look out for ways in which we can better connect and serve our individual and organisational purpose, and TEDxTruro delivered a valuable lesson in how making even small differences to how we operate, can make a world of difference.

Each individual TEDx attendee was welcomed into the event space on Friday morning by someone asking for their first name and then presenting them with their name badge bearing that first name only. So far, so good - it all felt warm and inviting, but the killer benefit of this made itself felt throughout the day.

The crowd, an eclectic one and notably less ‘establishment’ than usual at these big events, was from the very start, on first name terms. Without wanting to resort to puns, we all went beyond the barriers that labelling ourselves more comprehensively (first name, surname, position, company) bring. We all talked to each other as individuals first, connecting on a personal level before any work-related conversations took place – it was, quite simply, something quite joyful that brought out the true essence of effective networking.

From a personal perspective I experienced an absolute epiphany listening to the talks on dyslexia. Shawn Brown, award-winning engineer, designer and maker, recalibrated my understanding of this specific learning difficulty and through his, and Max Caddis’ talk, I know I’ll be able to better support my partner and her son through his crucial GCSE year and beyond.

On that note, I'll leave the last word to Max who was the day’s youngest TEDx participant - something he said in his video, really resonated with me and bears remembering:

“A diagnosis is not a cure but it sure opens the doors to understanding.”